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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we can help keep you up on the latest research in Integrative Medicine in the Community.

Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

In an exciting partnership with the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine we offer a regular introductory course in traditional Chinese medicine. Take a journey through 5000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine while learning about the history, theories and clinical applications of the worlds most widely used form of Traditional Medicine. These core classes are held on a regular basis and form the foundation of our program.

Community Medicine Lectures

The Community Med School welcomes partnerships with organizations that share our passion for healthy living and wish to be associated with our efforts. We would be pleased to work with your organizations to provide tailored health promotion campaigns, keynotes, seminars, lunch and learn sessions and ongoing classes. We would greatly appreciate your input on future directions for health promotion and worksite wellness. Please call us at 303-744-7676 if you have any questions.

Access to Resources

The Community Med School is using new technology to allow distance and part-time learning. Our E mail newsletter "the Barefoot doctor's Journal and online materials developed are made freely available on the web as open educational resources. This program is aimed at making traditional Chinese medicine more accessible to wider audiences and the community.

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